1. I am looking for a checkbook app that will sync between devices. Does Checkbook Pro sync from my phone to my tablet?
Though we're currently working on cross-device synchronization and hope to have it released in the near future, this functionality is not currently available in Checkbook Pro.
2. I have forgotten my passcode for checkbook pro. How can I unlock it?
If you have forgotten your passcode, please contact us at android@molovi.com for resolution.
3. How do I delete an account from Checkbook Pro?
To delete an account, long-press on it from the Home Screen and select 'Delete Account'.
4. I accidentally entered the incorrect starting balance. Can I change it?
Yes. Edit the account by long-pressing it on the Home Screen and selecting 'Edit Account'. You can change the starting balance in there.
5. How can I move my data from the Trial Version to the Full Version?
To transfer your account data and categories from the trial version to the full version, you would use the import/export features. First, in the trial version, long-press on each account and select 'Export' then 'Export Backup'. Then in the full version, select 'Import' in the ActionBar Overflow (More) area. This should import your accounts and any new categories that you've added. If you've deleted any categories, you'll have to manually delete them in the full version. Similarly, the colors are automatically generated on import so your category colors will be different.
6. Does Checkbook Pro support split transactions?
Due to the format of the ledger, and other incompatibilities, Checkbook Pro does not support split transactions. If you need to split a transaction, you'd have to do that manually by entering multiple transactions, broken down to suit your needs.
7. I already purchased Checkbook Pro on my NOOK. If I want it on my Kindle or Phone, do I have to pay again?
Yes. Please understand that Molovi Software has no control over the licensing or distribution of Checkbook Pro. Each App Store handles their own licensing and, since they each want to be paid, they have no interest in working with the other stores to share licensing information. Therefore, if you purchased the app through an AppStore, you will only be able to use it on other devices supporting that AppStore. If you purchased the app through the Google Play Store, and you have 6 devices sharing the same Google account, however, you will be able to freely download and use it on all 6 devices without paying again.
8. Can I import my data, if its in a CSV file?
Checkbook Pro currently does not support CSV import. The only format supported by Checkbook Pro is the backup export format created by the app itself.
9. Is there a desktop companion with this app and sync ability?
Currently the only version of Checkbook Pro is the Android version. However, we are currently working on a web version and have plans to add Desktop and potentially IOS/other mobile versions in the future.
10. Does Checkbook Pro have any backup incase something happens to my phone and have to get another one?
To backup your data, long-press on each account that you want to backup and select "Export" then "Export Backup". If you need to import the data after device failure or onto a different device, simply select "Import" from the ActionBar Overflow (More).
11. I have gotten 5 updates in the last couple weeks. Can you stop pushing out updates please?
We apologize for the inconvenience this might cause you, but we push out updates as frequently as we need to in order to get the latest bug fixes and feature additions into the hands of our customers as quickly as possible. Often times this means multiple updates per week. If you don't wish to receive updates, you can turn off automatic updating in the Play Store for Checkbook Pro and update only when you desire.
12. I have an idea for Checkbook Pro that I would love to see. Do you care?
Yes! Please contact us with any and all suggestions, complaints, etc that you have for Checkbook Pro. We value the opinions of our customers and are always looking for ways to improve the app according to what people need :) Please email us at android@molovi.com.